5 Ways to Lessen Your Power Bill

Several factors can raise your energy or electric bill. Nevertheless, one way to start lowering your bills is to know how much power you are using, where it is being used, and when. To do so, look at the billing statements you have and do some analysis on electric usage.

You can inspect every room to see how much and where electricity is used. Once you have completed your inspection, you can then take action to reduce your energy bill. Here are some you can follow:

Turn the Lights Off

You’ve probably heard the statement “Turn off the lights when not in use” several times. However, this is one of the easiest and effective ways to save power and money.

For example, if you have a 50-watt bulb that uses 0.05 kWh and the price per hour is 10 cents, you can save $0.005 for each hour you turn the lights off. Imagine if you have five light bulbs and keep them off for 10 hours a day (at night), you can save at least $7.5 per month.

Know the Best Time to Use Electricity

The cost of electricity may depend on off-peak and peak hours. The price at night might be different from the price during the day. If your electric plan depends on demand, you must know the best time to use electricity. Do energy-consuming tasks during off-peak hours or when electricity is cheap.

Unplug Unused Devices

Televisions, computers, routers, modems, and more can consume electricity even when unused. So, one way to reduce electric usage is to unplug unused devices, not only one but all.

Lower Heater Temperature

You will know when the water heater is set to a high temperature when the water it releases is too hot. Lowering the temperature down to a few degrees can reduce your energy bill by at least 3%. Also, doing so will help you avoid getting burn injuries.

Optimize Water Usage

Wash your clothes when your load is filled to the brim. Before using the washing machine, wait until your laundry is full.

Practicing good habits and breaking bad ones when using energy can help you reduce your bills significantly. These methods are simple and easy, so take action!