Understanding Vampire Electricity

Vampire electricity refers to idle or standby power that a device consumes when it is plugged yet turned off. When you think about all the gadgets, appliances, or systems you have at home on standby, you have about 10% more power used unnecessarily.

Below is a list of devices that use vampire electricity and some valuable tips you can take note of to help you become more energy-efficient:


Smart TVs use electrical power even when it is turned off. Most people have two or more TVs at home that continuously eat up electrical power, whether on or off. So, make it a habit to unplug your TVs when you are not even watching.


When your charger is warm, you know that it is pulling power. Almost all gadgets need a charger, such as laptops, game consoles, music players, yard equipment, and more. If you are not using these things actively, unplug them.


Even though unplugging your refrigerator might not be practical, unplugging your washing machine is doable. Also, when the time comes you have to replace an appliance, make sure you use Energy Star ones. These devices use less power overall, during standby and active mode.

Tips to Lower Vampire Electricity

Aside from unplugging your devices to lower vampire electricity, below are other tips you can also follow:

Use a Power Strip

A power strip can distribute power from a single outlet to many devices. Also, it cuts off energy use to the devices it powers. A single switch can limit power to multiple devices, such as speakers, DVD players, DVRs, TVs, and more.

Use Less Power

Grab every chance you have to use less energy or power. For example, if you need to do laundry yet your basket is not yet full, wait until it’s full, so you don’t have to repeat doing loads and consume energy every single time.

Check If Your Power Rates are Low

Optimizing your home is useless when you are still paying unnecessary premium services to your power company. So, check the market, compare your current power plan with other plans and choose wisely.

Vampire electricity silently raises your energy bills without you even noticing. However, taking note of culprit devices and following the tips mentioned is one way you can become more energy-efficient.