Our Story

A More Sustainable Future

Eco Energy was founded to change Canada’s electricity environment. We understand that everyone must be given a chance to access renewable energy. For that reason, our company has become one of the leading organizations that supply clean electricity to homes and businesses.

Our venture in Eco Energy is to build and ensure that energy is placed on the power grid sourced from renewable and clean sources. As individuals and businesses choose green energy over conventional energy, we boost the demand for sustainable systems operated by the sun, water, and wind.

Aim Higher

Eco Energy is an independent supplier of complete sustainability solutions and electrical services across Canada. We offer new solutions in solar, wind, electric automobile infrastructure, battery storage, and energy regulation to a broader range of customers.

Our sustainability department is pleased to provide our customers with tools to battle climate change, reduce their emissions, and aid in building an innovative and sustainable power grid. Eco Energy strives to be your best and only option for supplying your energy or power needs.

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