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Eco Energy

We at Eco Energy aim at providing top-quality clean energy to support you in your goal of reducing carbon emissions.

What We Offer

Green Energy Services & Solutions

Clean Natural Gas

Clean natural gas helps you reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an impactful and easy way. Get rid of the gas your home or business is currently using with a clean alternative obtained from organic material or waste.

Green Electrical Power

Power your business with clean electrical power and reduce your company’s carbon footprint by joining the green energy adaptation. Eco Energy ensures that we put renewable energy (hydro, solar, or wind) onto the grid when choosing clean electricity.

Saving Energy

Our efficient energy services help industrial and commercial facilities save money and time. We will evaluate your establishment and make a customized energy action plan which will include efficiency recommendations.

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Understanding Vampire Electricity

Vampire electricity refers to idle or standby power that a device consumes when it is plugged yet turned off. When you think about all the gadgets, appliances, or systems you have at home on standby, you have about 10% more power used unnecessarily. Below is a list of devices that use vampire electricity and some […]

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5 Ways to Lessen Your Power Bill

Several factors can raise your energy or electric bill. Nevertheless, one way to start lowering your bills is to know how much power you are using, where it is being used, and when. To do so, look at the billing statements you have and do some analysis on electric usage. You can inspect every room […]

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The Future of Solar and Wind Energy

According to NASA, human activities increased greenhouse gas emissions in our planet’s atmosphere because of fossil fuels, thereby warming the earth. The world faces climate change, and its inhabitants are already beginning to recognize its adverse effects, such as extreme droughts, rising sea levels, stronger typhoons, and lesser ice caps. For the world to take […]

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Effective Methods to Save Power and Lower Bills During Winter

When the temperature drops, the cost of electricity increases. Moreover, energy inefficiencies at home can raise electric bills even higher. Every crawl space, door, window, and outlet can consume energy. Nevertheless, there are effective ways you can save power during winter to keep your bills low yet stay warm at the same time. Here are […]

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