Who We Are

We at Eco Energy aim at providing top-quality clean energy to support you in your goal of reducing carbon emissions.

We offer transparent and credible reporting as well as support your sustainability disclosures. We also streamline green energy and help individuals or businesses find solutions using renewable energy.

Quality Renewable Energy Sources

We offer RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) to support our customers to reduce carbon emissions and remodel our energy solutions.

  • We source projects that meet the most stringent standards as outlined by EcoLogo.
  • We support and aid the invention of new hydro, solar, and wind projects by buying from new sources from EcoLogo.
  • We advance renewables beyond Canada by sourcing RECs by 50% from a specific region.

Clean Natural Gas

We get our clean natural gas from wastewater plants or landfills’ organic wastes.

  • Our clean natural gas follows the strictest environmental criteria structured by ICF International.
  • David Suzuki Foundation and WWF-Canada, which are well-known ecological groups, also endorse our natural gas.

Green Fuel

We obtain our clean fuel from waste streams (e.g., used restaurant cooking oils).

  • Green fuel minimizes GHGs (greenhouse gas emissions) by about 85% than petroleum-based fuel.
  • Non-profit organizations, such as the David Suzuki Foundation, endorses green energy.

Empowering the Community with Green Energy

On top of helping the current energy system transition to green or renewable sources, we at Eco Energy also help community-based clean energy projects. We have assisted and funded over 100 projects as one unit, including PV (photovoltaic) modules for non-profit organizations, aboriginal communities, and schools.