Clean Natural Gas

Clean natural gas helps you reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an impactful and easy way. Get rid of the gas your home or business is currently using with a clean alternative obtained from organic material or waste.

We will ensure that renewable gas is placed into your pipeline system when you utilize clean natural gas. That way, you can support green energy by shrinking your home or business’ carbon footprint without having to change your appliances or equipment.

How It Works

When regular natural gas is burned, stored carbon underground will be discharged into the atmosphere as CO2 or carbon dioxide. However, our clean natural gas does not release any carbon dioxide into the air since it is renewable and collects energy from biodegradables.

When biodegradable waste decomposes at a wastewater plant or landfill, it produces active gas. Instead of discharging the gas into the air, our producers trap gas and place it onto the pipeline system after cleaning it up. When that gas is put on fire, it only discharges natural carbon dioxide.

Support Local Clean Energy Endeavors

Eco Energy individuals and businesses assist the energy systems in Canada by diminishing the demand for coal, petroleum, heavy oils, etc. It instead increases the need for clean alternatives. Eco Energy customers show their support by aiding community-based renewable energy projects, such as solar modules for schools and greenhouses.

Choose Reliable Clean Natural Gas

At Eco Energy, we make sure to confirm your purchase through annual audits. That is so you could be confident that your renewable gas is generated and credited accurately.