Power Purchase Agreements

Switching to green energy is vital, and big organizations or companies have a chance to bring solar and wind projects to the power grid. PPAs or Power Purchase Agreements are a cost-effective and intelligent way for extensive energy users to purchase renewable electrical power and make progress in fighting climate change.

Our PPA solutions enable companies in Canada to agree with energy producers and make new solar and wind projects feasible. We guarantee that our PPAs provide you security and even savings because we have set risk reduction strategies.

Change the World

With a Power Purchase contract, your business will make renewable projects possible.


Celebrate Your Success

Celebrate your green energy transition progress with investors, employees, and customers.

Always Be Ready

You can take advantage of PPAs when it comes to fluctuating energy costs and continue to supply insulation from increasing energy prices.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

A Power Purchase Agreement is a contract between a green energy developer and a buyer. It is a long-term contract where the buyer assures a developer of a set price for energy. That is for a planned project, like solar assemblage or wind farm.

For the set price, the energy buyer receives RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) from the project yet to be built.