Green Electrical Power

Power your business with clean electrical power and reduce your company’s carbon footprint by joining the green energy adaptation.

Eco Energy ensures that we put renewable energy (hydro, solar, or wind) onto the grid when choosing clean electricity. We will help you achieve your sustainability targets to show the community how you are making a better future.

Understanding Green Electricity

We link the electrical power that our customers utilize with RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates). These certificates are the international standard or criteria for tracking the amount of renewable electricity placed on the power grid.

Note that one REC is equivalent to the social and environmental benefits of one MWh of green electricity. By acquiring RECs, you can lessen your business’ carbon footprint, create a demand for clean power, and promote green energy generators.

Promote Your Brand by Using Green Electricity

Your company’s sustainability goals and environmental record are what matters to your investors, customers, and employees. For that reason, our clean energy products have communication and marketing benefits that will assist your business in employing stakeholders and convey environmental leadership.

Give Hope to Local Renewables

On top of cleaning Canada’s power grid, Eco Energy also aid or fund community-based renewable energy projects across the country. These projects support aboriginal communities, non-profit organizations, and schools to reduce their dependence on burned energy or fossil fuels. Moreover, they educate and motivate communities to transition to green energy.

Choose Credible Reporting

Our customers’ purchases are verified annually to ensure that clean energy was generated, accurately calculated, and credited.