Choose Low-Carbon or Renewable Fuel

Using renewable fuel is one way to lessen the direct GHG (greenhouse gas emissions) or Scope 1 emissions your organization or business produces. We obtain renewable energy from reused waste streams (e.g., cooking oils sourced from restaurants).

The best part about it is that it emits about 85% less GHGs compared to ordinary fuel.

Green fuel reduces your business’ carbon footprint. Moreover, it does not require you to change your system or your vehicle. Join the green energy transition by signing up, and we will take care of injecting renewable fuel into your fuel system. In that way, you get rid of polluting fuels in every liter.

How Renewable Fuel Works

Our renewable fuel at Eco Energy is clean and low in carbon content compared to petroleum. Our generators reuse waste streams to create green fuel, and we do the job of putting it onto your fuel system.

Clean fuel is carcinogen-free and biodegradable at the same time. It does not pollute the atmosphere and release particulate emissions. Since it comes from waste, renewable fuel does not come at the expense of crops and lands.

Support the Community

When you use green fuel for your vehicles, you minimize greenhouse gas emissions and support the green energy transition. Moreover, you are also assisting community-based endeavors, such as developing cleantech accelerators, wind turbines, and solar panels.

Be Confident in Using Renewable Fuel

We perform annual audits to confirm that your renewable fuel is generated, honestly counted, and credited. So, be confident in using green fuel.