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 Eastern Sanitary Landfill

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The Baltimore County Department of Public Works chose Pepco Energy to implement a $10 million landfill gas-to-
energy plant at the Eastern Sanitary Landfill. Pepco Energy also designed and installed an expansion to the
existing gas collection system.
Developed, designed, permitted, constructed, owned, financed and now operated and maintained by Pepco
Energy, the plant was commissioned in October 2006. The project included an electric power generating system,
consisting of three massive engine/generator sets (with space and provisions for a fourth) that burns the
collected landfill methane gas, and generates up to 3 MW of electricity, which is equivalent to 79 railroad cars of
coal per year.
Construction activities at the site encompassed site preparation, installation of generators, connection to the
electric grid and replacement of gas compressors. The project uses existing overhead transmission lines to
transfer power from the site to the power grid. The air emission rates meet all applicable federal and state
emissions limitations. The system substantially reduces the operation of the existing gas burn-off flare, which
represented a loss of energy and contribution to greenhouse gases.