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From single buildings to a multi-facility campuses, we develop and build new, highly efficient energy infrastructures for reliable, trouble-free operations. With turnkey services provided from start to finish,  we have designed, constructed, and, in many cases, continue to operate and maintain state-of-the-art combined thermal and power systems for specific facilities, regardless of size. We also develop thermal storage systems that allow chiller plant loads to be shifted to “off-peak” hours for optimal tariff utilization.
Pepco Energy has a strong track record of helping customers develop, build, and operate efficient and effective combined thermal and power systems.  We have designed and built more than 20 power and thermal plants that currently deliver more than 5 million tons of cooling capacity, 300 million BTU of steam, and over 100 megawatts of electricity.

Pepco Energy helps customers optimize the performance of their energy systems by investing in highly reliable on-site energy infrastructure. Our construction projects not only meet demands for today, they also anticipate our customers’ growing and future demands. As a result, we assist large power users offset the premium prices they would pay during periods of peak demand by designing, installing, and maintaining auxiliary power generation systems.
With decades of experience in meeting customers’ individual energy needs, we have developed a unique combination of industry experience, awareness of the latest developments in technology, and innovative financing solutions. This allows us to utilize a comprehensive array of services to deliver cogeneration and tri-generation systems that are custom-designed for each client’s individual needs, including:
  • Strategic Design – Our staff includes highly experienced engineers who can take plans from the concept stage through development of finalized specifications and efficiency requirements.
  • Construction Management – We use the best equipment available and best-in-class installation methods.
  • Turnkey Development and Construction – To meet our customers’ needs, we can provide comprehensive services from start to finish, with constant and continuous communication, periodic reporting, and distinct milestones to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget.
  • Enhancement of Energy Distribution Infrastructure – Our expert energy system consultants can also provide guidance and recommendations to ensure the optimal distribution of energy throughout your facilities.
  • Analysis of Utility Rates and Commodity Procurement – To ensure that your investment delivers on its potential, we can assess existing rate structures and assist in more efficient commodity purchasing.